Introducing the Dreamweaver CS4 interface

Dreamweaver CS4 has a radically new interface. Although it preserves a lot of familiar features, it's not just a cosmetic change. There's a much bigger choice of predefined workspace layouts, and there's virtually no limit on the way you can reorganize the workspace to suit your own personal needs.

Several other new features—Related Documents, Live View, and Code Navigator—are likely to make a significant change to the way you work with web pages in Dreamweaver.

However, describing these changes in words doesn't really do justice to them. Seeing is believing. So I have created two short video tutorials demonstrating the changes and how they work. The videos are large, so they open in a separate window, which should be expanded to full screen. (Note: these videos are based on the public beta that was released in May 2008. The final version, released in October of the same year, is almost identical.)

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Over the years, I have contributed a large number of articles to the Adobe Developer Connection and Community publishing. Most of the articles are now in the Adobe archive because they refer to old versions of Dreamweaver. But the following articles are not Dreamweaver-specific and are still relevant.

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