Dreamweaver extensions and tools

I have created a small number of Dreamweaver extensions and tools, which you can download free of charge. They are offered on an “as is” basis, and have not been updated for Dreamweaver CC. However, they still work with Dreamweaver CS6 and earlier. If you find them useful, consider using the lynda.com or Amazon links on this site.

Stored Query to Remove CSS Comments

The comments in the CSS layouts that come with Dreamweaver CS3 and later are deliberately verbose—they’re there to help you understand what each rule is for. Although commenting style sheets is a good idea, you’ll probably want to get rid of the Dreamweaver comments once you’re familiar with the layouts. This stored query can be loaded into the Dreamweaver Find & Replace dialog box to remove all or some of the comments quickly and cleanly. Detailed instructions.

Download stored query to remove CSS comments

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Note: Safari on Mac OS X automatically adds an .xml filename extension to the stored query file when you download it. After downloading, select the file in Finder and press Cmd-I to open the Get Info panel. Remove the .xml filename extension, and deselect the check box to hide the extension. The file must have a .dwr filename extension for it to be recognized by Dreamweaver.

Lorem and More... (Adobe approved)

When building new websites, most designers use a piece of filler text that's been known to printers since the 16th century — Lorem ipsum — or perhaps some random corporate mumbo-jumbo. Lorem and more offers you the choice of traditional Lorem ipsum, a bit of genuine Cicero, random corporate nonsense, and for romantics — Sonnet 116 by Shakespeare. It also offers a choice of format — paragraphs, continuous text, ordered and unordered lists, and in the case of Shakespeare, formally laid out as a sonnnet.

Important: Older versions of Lorem and More are incompatible with Dreamweaver CS5 and later. Please use Lorem and More 1.3.0.

Download Lorem and More 1.3.0 (compatible with Dreamweaver 4 to CS6)

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Smart Link converts an existing link so that the target page opens in a new browser window. It works in a similar way to the Dreamweaver Open Browser Window behavior, or using target="_blank", but gives you far more control over its look and position. Although it uses JavaScript, it is smart enough to work even if JavaScript is disabled (by opening the page in the same window) — keeping your site accessible to everyone, and far more user-friendly than a link that doesn't work at all. For full details, read the Smart Link help file.

When used with an image, please note that in Dreamweaver MX 2004 and later, the (onClick) option in the Behaviors panel has been replaced by <A> onClick. This doesn't affect the code or the operation of SmartLink in any way.

Download Smart Link (compatible with Dreamweaver 4 to CS6)

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Convert to RGBA

CSS3 extends the RGB (red, green, blue) colour model to include alpha to specify the opacity of the colour. The RGB elements must be expressed as numbers between 0 and 255 or as percentages, while the alpha value must be between 0 and 1 (0.5 represents 50% opacity). For example, the following represents red at 50% opacity:

color: rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.5);

Dreamweaver CS5.5 and later have native support for RGBA. This extension adds RGBA support to older versions of Dreamweaver through a floating panel that converts from named colours and hexadecimal values to RGBA.

Download Convert to RGBA 1.3.2 (compatible with Dreamweaver CS3 to CS5)

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