Introducing PHP (revised version)

Ever wanted to create more dynamic websites with PHP, but had no idea where to start? Then this video course is for you. It assumes no prior knowledge of PHP or any other programming language. Through seven hours of video instruction, it guides you through the basics of PHP syntax before bringing everything together in a practical project. By the end of the course, you'll not only have built a reusable PHP script to process online forms, but you'll also have a solid grasp of PHP syntax and control structures, giving you the confidence to progress further and begin writing your own scripts or adapting those written by others.

Throughout the course, there's a strong emphasis on security. Badly scripted form processing scripts can expose you to malicious attacks and turn your website into a spam relay. You'll learn the importance of validating user input to ensure that the data matches your criteria.

The original version of this course, helped nearly 40,000 members of the Online Training Library to learn PHP. The new version has been completely updated for PHP 7, but it remains backwards compatible with PHP 5. If you have a subscription, you can watch it free of charge by logging into your account. If you're not yet a subscriber, get 10 days of free unlimited access to This gives you access not only to my course, but to the full library.

Sample Videos

The first sample video offers a high-level view of what PHP can be used for, how it’s embedded in a web page, and how conditional statements control what’s displayed in the browser.

Variables store values that you don’t know in advance, or that might change. The next sample video explains the simple rules for creating variables and in PHP, and offers advice on choosing good names for variables.

Most of the course involves practical exercises like this next one that guides you through assigning values to variables, and then displaying them in the browser. It also shows what happens if you make a mistake, such as using an invalid character in a variable name, or spelling the variable incorrectly.

This is just one of many courses that I’ve created for out my other courses for both beginners and intermediate PHP developers.

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