Foundation ActionScript for Flash 8

Book cover What's a book about ActionScript doing in a site called Foundation PHP? No excuse, really, except that I revised roughly half the chapters and added a couple of new ones. ActionScript is the language that puts real power behind Flash movies, giving much greater control than using tweens and timeline animation.

This is the fourth edition of Sham Bhangal's classic introduction to ActionScript. Kristian Besley and I have gone through the book from first page to last, correcting errors and bringing everything in line with the latest version of ActionScript 2.0 and Flash 8. It's written with non-programmers in mind, and assumes no prior knowledge of ActionScript or any other computer language, but guides you gently and surely to an intermediate/advanced level. Every step of the way, we emphasize best practice so that you don't have to unlearn any bad habits later.

The book is also forward-looking. Development of ActionScript 3.0 is already well advanced, and is expected to be incorporated in the next version of Flash. With that firmly in mind, we removed coverage of features, such as prototypes, which are being dropped in AS3. The book has been considerably expanded to cover bitmap caching, populating a movie with dynamic XML data, the new Flash 8 filters, common version 2 components, and the Tween class. The new single-column layout makes it easier to follow the code, which can also be downloaded from the friends of ED website.

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