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What’s the difference between parameters and arguments?

When writing books aimed at beginners, there’s a difficult line to tread between giving too much and too little information. Too much information overloads the mind, running the risk of losing the reader’s enthusiasm for the subject. Too little information … Continue reading

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Accessing PHP objects’ methods and properties

A couple of participants in Boston PHP‘s self-study PHP Percolate, Jim Wright and Jared Stenquist, are confused about the use of the -> operator, which is introduced on page 44 of PHP Solutions, 2nd Edition. Since others might be in … Continue reading

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Join others learning PHP with PHP Solutions

So far, more than 90 people have signed up to join a self-study group organized by Boston PHP to learn PHP with the help of my book, PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy, 2nd Edition. This is the third … Continue reading

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Corrections for my books

I hate it when I find a mistake in a technical book—particularly when it’s one of mine. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to learn a new concept and hitting a brick wall because the code doesn’t work. Mistakes creep … Continue reading

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Missing file for PHP Solutions, Second Edition

A couple of readers have reported that download.php was missing from the ch07 folder of the download files for PHP Solutions, Second Edition. The zip file on the friends of ED download page has now been updated. If you downloaded … Continue reading

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Preventing email header injection

More than five years have passed since New York PHP published an extremely useful article warning developers of the dangers of email header injection, and providing detailed instructions of how to prevent it. Yet barely a week goes by without … Continue reading

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Understanding PHP variable variables

A few days ago, I was contacted by a reader of PHP Solutions, who was confused by the following line of code in the mail-processing script: ${$key} = $temp; He wanted to know why I had wrapped a variable in … Continue reading

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Files for Kindle version of Dreamweaver CS5 with PHP

The files accompanying Dreamweaver CS5 with PHP: Training from the Source are on the CD-ROM at the back of the printed book. So, what do you do if you have bought the Kindle version and there’s no CD-ROM? Depending on … Continue reading

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PHP Solutions second edition now available

It’s almost exactly four years since PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy was first published. The book has proved extremely popular, but a lot has happened in PHP since it was first published. Support for PHP 4 was abandoned … Continue reading

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Get the best out of the DW Server Behavior Builder

The Server Behavior Builder (SBB) has been part of Dreamweaver for a long time, but few people seem to realize just how useful it can be in speeding up development with PHP or other server-side languages. What makes the SBB … Continue reading

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