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Two PHP courses just published on

I’m delighted to announce that has just published two new PHP courses that I created recently. The first one, PHP for Web Designers, serves as a gentle introduction to PHP, and is aimed primarily at web designers who have … Continue reading

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Avoiding email header injection

Barely a week goes by without someone asking for help with a PHP mail() script that uses one of the most insecure techniques—inserting unfiltered user input into the headers argument. It exposes your server to email header injection, an exploit … Continue reading

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Introducing PHP course now live on

I’m delighted to announce that my Introducing PHP video course is now part of the subscription library. It was originally recorded for video2brain, which was aquired by earlier this year. Since the aquisition, video2brain publishes courses only in … Continue reading

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve recorded several video training courses for video2brain, an Austrian company that I often referred to as the European equivalent of It turns out that my description was prophetic. If you visit the … Continue reading

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Source files for PHP Solutions

Several people have written asking what has happened to the friends of ED website because they can’t find the source files for PHP Solutions, 2nd Edition. The site was merged with that of its parent company, Apress, a long time … Continue reading

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Learn PHP basics by video

My new video course, Introducing PHP, is now available from video2brain. It’s aimed at complete beginners, and assumes no prior knowledge of PHP or any other programming language. However, the course should also be useful as a refresher for anyone … Continue reading

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New video PHP course for complete beginners

I’m delighted to announce that my new video course, Introducing PHP, has just been published by video2brain. The course contains nearly 5 hours of video instruction, starting with the installation of a PHP testing environment on your local computer, with … Continue reading

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New tutorial: send a link to a friend

I’ve just published a new tutorial for a script that sends a link to a friend. It’s a very simple script, but—as long as you have a basic knowledge of PHP—you should be able to adapt it to your own … Continue reading

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Great training resource for web designers and digital artists

I’m a great fan of learning from books—that’s why I written so many. But there are times when a book just won’t do. Seeing and hearing an expert show you how to do something often has much more impact. Several … Continue reading

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Using num_rows with a MySQLi prepared statement

While refactoring some code that I had written about six years ago, I was puzzled by the MySQLi num_rows property constantly returning 0, even though I knew there were matching records in the database. It turns out that the problem … Continue reading

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