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Corrections for my books

I hate it when I find a mistake in a technical book—particularly when it’s one of mine. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to learn a new concept and hitting a brick wall because the code doesn’t work. Mistakes creep … Continue reading

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Adding an Adobe Bridge web gallery to a site

For the past two versions, Dreamweaver has come bundled with Adobe Bridge, a program that’s designed to make it easy to sort through visual assets, such as photographs, PDFs, and Flash movies. The idea behind Bridge is that it gives … Continue reading

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Problem with Adobe trial versions in June

A bug in mechanism that counts down the remaining days of trial versions of most Adobe software means that any trial launched during June 2008 will expire after only one day instead of the normal 30. Access to the trial … Continue reading

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The fly has landed

Goodness knows what must have got into the mind of my editor at friends of ED, Chris Mills, when choosing the cover for Foundation ActionScript for Flash 8. It’s dominated by a massive blue fly with huge golden eyes. Must … Continue reading

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