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Dreamweaver public beta

As promised, Adobe is releasing a public beta of the next major version of Dreamweaver with a dark UI and integration of Brackets as the code editor. The Dreamweaver CC 2017 beta is available to anyone who has an Adobe … Continue reading

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Enabling advanced features in phpMyAdmin

A subscriber to was watching my Up and Running with phpMyAdmin course, and was puzzled by the absence of three fields in his version of phpMyAdmin when defining a table. The three fields are Mime types, Browser transformation, and Transformation … Continue reading

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Two PHP courses just published on

I’m delighted to announce that has just published two new PHP courses that I created recently. The first one, PHP for Web Designers, serves as a gentle introduction to PHP, and is aimed primarily at web designers who have … Continue reading

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Avoiding email header injection

Barely a week goes by without someone asking for help with a PHP mail() script that uses one of the most insecure techniques—inserting unfiltered user input into the headers argument. It exposes your server to email header injection, an exploit … Continue reading

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IE 10 fails to display styles locally

I’ve just spent the last couple of hours battling with Internet Explorer 10 failing to render styles when viewing a web page on my local computer. The problem was with a static HTML page loaded directly from the local file … Continue reading

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Linking to specific panel or tab in jQuery UI widgets

Dreamweaver CC has replaced its Spry widgets, such as accordion and tabbed panels, with jQuery UI equivalents. This means that one of my most requested tutorials on linking to a specific panel or tab needed to be rewritten for jQuery … Continue reading

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Video review of Dreamweaver CC August update

I’ve been testing the Dreamweaver CC August 2013 update, and have posted a 10-minute video review on YouTube. The new features in this update include: Live Highlight: this acts as a sort of reverse inspect in Live view, highlighting all … Continue reading

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Introducing PHP course now live on

I’m delighted to announce that my Introducing PHP video course is now part of the subscription library. It was originally recorded for video2brain, which was aquired by earlier this year. Since the aquisition, video2brain publishes courses only in … Continue reading

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Get up to speed with Dreamweaver CSS Designer at Adobe MAX

Big changes are coming to the way CSS is handled in the next version of Dreamweaver. Normally, authors and beta testers are sworn to secrecy until the new version of a program is released, but Dreamweaver’s product manager Alejandro Gutierrez … Continue reading

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve recorded several video training courses for video2brain, an Austrian company that I often referred to as the European equivalent of It turns out that my description was prophetic. If you visit the … Continue reading

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