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I’m delighted to announce that has just published two new PHP courses that I created recently. The first one, PHP for Web Designers, serves as a gentle introduction to PHP, and is aimed primarily at web designers who have little or no previous experience of programming. It’s a mixture of simple exercises that demonstrate basic techniques, combined with practical examples of incorporating those techniques into an existing website. Among the topics covered are:

  • Moving common page elements to external files using server-side includes
  • Displaying different text and images depending on the month or season
  • Gathering and processing user input from an online form
  • Displaying the results from a database query
  • Creating a page to display product information drawn from a database

The final chapter is devoted to dealing with common PHP error messages. Each video in the chapter deals with a different error message or problem, explaining what the message means, and how to fix it. The following video explains what to do when you get a completely blank page.

The other course is Up and Running with phpMyAdmin, which teaches you in two-and-a-half hours probably all you need to know about administering MySQL through phpMyAdmin’s web-based interface.

PHP for Web Designers is longer (5 hours 26 minutes), but each video is devoted to a single topic, allowing you dip in and out as you please. It’s been released just in time for the Christmas/New Year break. So, if you’ve been putting off learning PHP, now’s your chance. If you don’t have a subscription, why not get 7 days of free unlimited access to, and try out my courses?

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4 Responses to Two PHP courses just published on

  1. Hi !
    I am doing PHP for web designer at these day. I want to update the site of my outdoor sport group Cyclo-Nature. I got 2 questions:
    – Does PHP compatible with newer web trick like JQuery, responsive design…
    – Also can I use PHP to build Android and IOS apps ?
    Thanks for your time 🙂

  2. David Powers says:

    Hi Pierre,

    I hope you’re finding the PHP for Web Designers course helpful (and enjoyable). PHP is most definitely compatible with jQuery and responsive design. The Hansel and Petal site uses jQuery to control the main menu, the accordion, and the Build a Bouquet page. Although the site used in the course is fixed-width, it could be converted to a responsive design by adapting the CSS. I simply decided to use an existing site that had been created for another course. One useful way of using PHP in a responsive design is for delivering adaptive images.

    However, you can’t use PHP to build Android or iOS apps. Android apps use Java, and iOS use Objective C. You can also build apps using PhoneGap, but that requires static HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The only role that PHP would play is on a web server that handles data requests from an app. Normally, an app sends a data request as JSON. When the web server receives the JSON, PHP decodes it, queries the database, and then encodes the result as JSON to send back to the app.

  3. Lewis says:

    Hello, David.

    I am currently working on PHP for Dreamweaver 8 and I am coming across a couple of issues that have me stuck. The first concern is in reference to changing the styles according to the month for the East-West Seasons webpage on pages 196 to 198, as well as automating the navigation menu from pages 198 to 205.
    When I click the Live Data View in Dreamweaver, everything shows up the way it should. However, when I attempt to preview it in the browser, the style for the header and navigation is not displayed. I followed the code to the letter and even compared it to the completed code, but the result is the same. Is there something that I can do to fix this?

    My second concern is from chapter 8. The MySql is installed and I am able to complete the database with no trouble. I am able to create the connection with Dreamweaver. But on page 258 on step 3, it mentions that we can navigate to find quotations.sql. I searced the files I downloaded but was unsuccessful infinding it. As a result, I am not able to see the list of the 25 quotes on step 5 on page 262. It would mean a great deal if you could help me on this and would really help my progress in learning MySQL and PHP.

    Thank you,


  4. David Powers says:

    Hi Lewis,

    Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8 – that’s a blast from the past. I wrote that book nearly 9 years ago. I’ve no idea why your styles are not showing when you view in the browser. It might be a browser cache problem, or maybe there’s an error in your code. The original version of the completed East-West Seasons site is still live on this website. As you can see, the styles are working fine.

    As for the missing quotations.sql, there is a copy of it in the source code that can be downloaded from the book’s page on this site. But I’ve also uploaded it to Dropbox.

    By the way, you should be aware that Dreamweaver’s server behaviors rely on outdated code. They use the original mysql API, which has been deprecated, and will be removed from a future version of PHP. The code will continue to work for the foreseeable future, but will eventually be completely useless. If you’re learning MySQL and PHP, you should use more up-to-date material. My PHP for Web Designers on uses the mysqli API, which is actively maintained. My PHP Solutions, 2nd Edition, although written in 2010, is also up to date.