Video review of Dreamweaver CC August update

I’ve been testing the Dreamweaver CC August 2013 update, and have posted a 10-minute video review on YouTube.

The new features in this update include:

  • Live Highlight: this acts as a sort of reverse inspect in Live view, highlighting all elements affected by a CSS selector (useful, but it can get in the way—fortunately, there’s a way to turn it off when not needed)
  • Improvements to CSS Inspect Mode, including dynamic rulers and tooltips with useful information about the current element
  • A brand new colour picker (about time, too)
  • Improved stability in the CSS Designer
  • Support for HTML5 form elements in Live view
  • Improvements to Code view, including automatically highlighting an element’s matching opening or closing tag
  • Synchronization with the Creative Cloud

All in all, I like the improvements. Whether they’re enough to convince non-subscribers to take the plunge into the Creative Cloud is difficult to say. But if you are a Creative Cloud subscriber, I think you’ll like the improvements.

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