Get up to speed with Dreamweaver CSS Designer at Adobe MAX

Big changes are coming to the way CSS is handled in the next version of Dreamweaver. Normally, authors and beta testers are sworn to secrecy until the new version of a program is released, but Dreamweaver’s product manager Alejandro Gutierrez has posted a video offering a sneak peek of CSS Designer. Although I can’t go into any more details than shown in Alejandro’s video, I can now tell you that my Visual CSS Editing in Dreamweaver lab at Adobe MAX is a 90-minute hands-on session showing you how CSS Designer works.

If you attend the session, you’ll learn how to move elements and background images into position visually, create CSS gradients, and add drop shadows and rounded corners, all directly inside the Document window. This isn’t a throwback to the discredited Layout mode that created horrendous spaghetti code. CSS Designer creates standards-compliant CSS, so it requires a basic understanding of CSS properties and selectors. If you attend the lab, you’ll get a detailed workbook copiously illustrated with more than 100 screenshots showing how CSS Designer works (bring a USB stick to take away the demo files).

I’ve been using this new tool for several months, so am very familiar with its capabilities. Accompanying me in the lab will be several members of the Dreamweaver team, including Silas Lepcha, one of the main product specialists and quality engineers. As well as getting help with any questions or problems, you’ll have the opportunity to give feedback to the team on features you’d like to see added to future versions of Dreamweaver and CSS Designer.

There are two sessions of the lab:

  • Monday, 6 May at 2:45pm (nearly full)
  • Wednesday, 8 May at 11:00am (spaces still available)

If you want to register for MAX, you can get a $300 discount on the regular price using the code MXSM13. By the way, the registration price entitles you to a free 12-month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, and much more. If you already have a Creative Cloud subscription, the 12 months gets added to your existing expiry date, so you don’t lose out. If you’re already registered for MAX, log into the MAX scheduler, and sign up for my lab.

See you in LA!

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