Chance to beta test Dreamweaver

If you’re frustrated with the way Dreamweaver works, have ideas about how to improve it, or simply want to help test future versions, now’s your chance. Alejandro Gutierrez, who took over as Dreamweaver product manager a couple of months ago, is inviting applications to join the Dreamweaver prerelease (beta) team. You can find details of how to apply in the Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog.

Alejandro’s blog post contains a link to an application form that asks for details of your experience. Judging from the questions, it looks as though he’s particularly interested in people that create responsive web designs or design for mobile. I won’t link directly to the application form because I’m not sure how long this offer will remain open. Update: Applications are now closed, but you can still express an interest.

Joining a beta team has both rewards and drawbacks. The main reward is getting early access to the next version of a program, and the opportunity to influence how it works. But it’s far from being a free ride. You have to install new versions of the program on a regular basis—and that means uninstalling the previous build (although you can keep your current version of Dreamweaver on the same machine). You’re also working with incomplete features, and part of your job is to spot bugs and report them in detail. Most frustrating of all is that you’re sworn to secrecy. You can’t even reveal the fact that you’re part of the team. But you do get the opportunity to communicate directly with the engineers.

I don’t know how many people Alejandro is looking for, but if you fancy the challenge of testing the next version of Dreamweaver, head on over to the Dreamweaver blog, and apply. The application period closed on 28 November, but you can contact Alejandro by email to make a late application. See his blog post for details.

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