Source code for Beginning CSS3

Many apologies to anyone who’s been looking in vain for the source code for Beginning CSS3. The files were supplied to Apress several weeks before the book was published, but apparently there was some internal problem that prevented them being uploaded to the URL listed in the book. I’m told that they should be there in the next day or so. You can also download them from here (2MB zip file).

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3 Responses to Source code for Beginning CSS3

  1. christina says:

    Hello David, nice to see your courses on VIDEO2BRAIN, do you have any course on Dreamweaver & WordPress & you show how to tweak a WordPress template.


  2. Auth says:

    Sorry to hear about your recent bad news. I have been wnoikrg through chapter 7 of Blog Design Solutions. I used your instructions in chapter 2 to get my test server set up and found that the mysql.dll for php 5.26 through 5.28 is incompatible with phpMyAdmin when running MySQL 5.1.30 on WinXP with Apache 2.2. The mysql.dll that is packaged with the 5.1.30 release does not fix the problem.I tried a few different versions of phpMyAdmin and consistently got an error telling me that mysql.dll does not support MySQL 5.1.30, and that using the configuration could cause unpredictable results. That proved true, so I poked around on the web and found that I was not alone. Others were using MySQL 5.051a to fix the problem. So, I used a restore point to remove all reference to version 5.1.30 and installed MySQL 5.0.51a to make my setup work. And it does!Since you write instructions for these setups in many of your books (and I now own more than one), it may be of interest. If you have a better solution to recommend, that would be most welcome.Many thanks!Hunter

  3. Romuald says:

    Hi Dave,First off thanks for the great books (PHP Solutions and Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3) they’ve been rlaely incredible to learn with. I’m not sure where to post my question but thought here might be best, it concerns the chapter in PHP solutions for uploads I’ve followed your chapter and even used the supplied page (upload04.php) but when it tries to upload to my localserver I get the following error: No such file or directory in /Library/WebServer/Documents/phpsolutions/uploads/upload.php on line 6I’ve honestly tried everything I can think of to alleviate this and thought to give your blog a shot. Perhaps someone else is having a similar issue? I’ve set up the (upload_test) folder according to your chapter’s instructions so just thought to see if you or anyone may have a suggestion. Thank you for your time best, m