PhoneGap update for Dreamweaver CS5.5

Adobe has just released an extension for Dreamweaver CS5.5 that radically changes the way you create native apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the PhoneGap framework. Instead of using a local emulator for Android and iOS, it uploads your files to PhoneGap Build, an online service that automatically builds an app file for Android, iOS, webOS, Symbian, and Blackberry.

I haven’t had time to test the new extension in Dreamweaver CS5.5, but I have used PhoneGap Build on many occasions. It’s simple to use and seems to be very reliable.

You can grab hold of the PhoneGap Build extension for Dreamweaver CS5.5 and read how to use it on the Adobe website. To use the extension, you need to create an account on the  PhoneGap Build site. A basic account is free, but if you’re a serious developer, you’ll need to choose one of the paid-for accounts.

Note that the extension works only with Dreamweaver CS5.5. It won’t work with earlier versions of Dreamweaver.

[Update: 4 April 2012] Adobe has withdrawn the extension for “technical reasons”. From what I understand, there should be no problem using the extension if you have already installed it. As the Adobe blog says, “The functionality of the extension, which integrates PhoneGap Build with Dreamweaver, will be available in the upcoming version of Dreamweaver CS6.” Adobe has started releasing sneak previews of various CS6 features, as well as announcing that anyone buying CS5.5 now will qualify for a free upgrade. So, it can be safely assumed that CS6 is getting very close.

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2 Responses to PhoneGap update for Dreamweaver CS5.5

  1. Günter Schenk says:


    it seems that Adobe has now pulled this extension from public availability:


  2. David Powers says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, Günter. I forgot that I had blogged about it. I changed the updates page for my CS5.5 book and tweeted about the extension being withdrawn, but didn’t update the blog. Slapped wrist. 😉