Learn PHP basics by video

My new video course, Introducing PHP, is now available from video2brain. It’s aimed at complete beginners, and assumes no prior knowledge of PHP or any other programming language. However, the course should also be useful as a refresher for anyone who has dabbled with PHP, but hasn’t quite “got it”.

As well as showing how to install a PHP development environment on both Mac and Windows, I explain all the basic structures in PHP. The course then brings everything together in a practical project, showing how to process an online form and send the data by email. To make the form both secure and user-friendly, I show how to validate user input and display error messages when the wrong type of date is input.

The videos follow the same philosophy that underpins my books—I teach you not only how to do something, but also why it’s done in a particular way.

The full cost of the course is $39.99, but you can get a 20% discount by using the code PHPD20 at the checkout (the discount code expired at the end of March). Alternatively, you can access the course as part of a video2brain subscription, which gives you access to more than 150 courses for as little as $14.99 a month.

Update [23 July 2012]: The 20% discount code PHPD20 has been extended until 30 September 2012. The course is available from video2brain.

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9 Responses to Learn PHP basics by video

  1. Sunday Olaoye says:

    Dear David power,
    I wrote you on monday but my comment was deleted.
    I have several of your books includes: Adobe dreamweaver CS5 with pHP, PHP with Dreamweaver 8, Php solutions etc. you said financial transaction script is for financial database please sir can you point one book to me on financial database.
    (2) Please I do I use php and MySQL to generate pin numbers for online registration form.

  2. David Powers says:


    Your post wasn’t deleted. It was in a queue waiting to be approved; but since you have reposted the same question, I will delete the original one. I have been travelling overseas, and was extremely busy on my return, and simply haven’t had time to deal with posts to my blog. Although I try to answer as many questions as I can, my time is limited. If you need an urgent reply to a question, it’s better to post in a public forum where many people can see it and reply.

    I don’t have experience of creating financial databases. It’s a very specialized area. But if you want to learn about transactions in MySQL, the best book on anything related to MySQL is “MySQL, 4th Edition” by Paul DuBois. To use MySQL transactions, your version of MySQL needs to support the InnoDB engine, and you need to use the MySQL Improved PHP functions or PDO.

    As for generating PIN numbers, you would need to use a function that produces random numbers, such as mt_rand().

  3. Sunday Olaoye says:

    Dear David,
    Thanks for your reply. the reason I sent my question to you directly is that I always like your analogy the way you explain things.
    Thanks very much.

  4. JAKE says:

    Just bought you PHP Solutions book from Amazon. I tried to access the friendsofed.com site to download the tutorials an scripts but the site asks for a user name and password.

    Is this intentional? Not sure how to get the example files now that I can’t access the site.

  5. David Powers says:

    The friendsofed.com website closed down some time ago. The files are available from the book’s page on the merged Apress website.

    By the way, this information is available on the PHP Solutions page on this website. I’ll see if I can get it added to the page on Amazon as well. I suggest that you also take a look at the corrections and updates page.

  6. I am thinking about buying the Learn PHP basics by video and tried to use the coupon “PHPD20” but it indicated it was invalid. What next.

  7. David Powers says:

    Michael, I’ve just checked, and see that the discount code was valid only until 31 March. It’s my fault. I should have indicated that in my original post. I’ll ask video2brain to generate a new code, and will post it here when it becomes available.

  8. David Powers says:

    The PHPD20 discount code has been revived, and is available until the end of September 2012. You can purchase the course here.

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