Interesting two-for-one offer on video training

With the Christmas and year-end holiday season well and truly upon us, companies are all trying to outdo each other with special deals. My email inbox is certainly groaning with the onslaught of “buy now, never-to-be-repeated offers”. So, forgive me for bringing another to your attention—but this one has an interesting twist.

If you buy any video training (in English) from video2brain before the end of December, you’ll get an activation code that allows you to share the same course(s) with a friend. What makes the offer so interesting is that it also applies to the new subscription service, which gives you access to more than 130 courses and 500+ hours of videos on web development and digital design.

As a video2brain author, I can offer you a discount on the subscription price. So, if you sign up for an annual standard subscription for $129 before 31 December, you’ll get an activation code (which needs to be used by 15 January 2012) for a friend. In effect, two of you can get access to the whole video library for a year for $64.50 each. With at least four new courses being added every month, it’s an incredible bargain. Splash out a bit more on a gold subscription to get access to the project files, or go the whole hog with a platinum subscription to use the videos offline.

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3 Responses to Interesting two-for-one offer on video training

  1. Shafique Jamal says:

    Dear David, I would like to purchase the Kindle version of your book “PHP Object-Oriented Solutions,” but the link to the Kindle on your page at is broken, and a search on Amazon for the book shows that the book is not yet available in a Kindle version. This is strange because another of your webpages says that the book is available on Kindle:

    Did you remove the Kindle version, or is it still available? If it is still available, then can you send a link so that I can purchase it? (I actually bought the paperback version, but I’m stuck in a remote area where I can’t access it or easily receive physical mail). Thanks.

    (sorry for leaving this post here – I couldn’t find another way to contact you)

  2. David Powers says:

    Hi Shafique, Thanks for pointing out the broken link, which I have now removed. I don’t know why the book is not available on Kindle. I remember that Apress/friends of ED was slow to adopt the Kindle format in the early days. Maybe it informed Amazon of its intention to create a Kindle version, but never went through with it. As far as I know, the only way to get an electronic version of PHP Object-Oriented Solutions is directly from Apress. Unfortunately, I think that Apress ebooks are password protected, which might prevent you from reading it on a Kindle.

  3. Shafique Jamal says:

    Hello David, many thanks for your quick reply. I hope you can get your publisher to make the Kindle version available soon.