New tutorial: send a link to a friend

I’ve just published a new tutorial for a script that sends a link to a friend. It’s a very simple script, but—as long as you have a basic knowledge of PHP—you should be able to adapt it to your own needs. The tutorial explains how the code works, and gives instructions for those sections that you need to change. If you find the instructions difficult to follow, maybe it’s time to grab hold of PHP Solutions, 2nd Edition and learn how to write PHP scripts.

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2 Responses to New tutorial: send a link to a friend

  1. Sunday Olaoye says:

    Good Morning David,
    Thanks for this Tutorial. I wrote you yesterday morning that how do I write forward to a friend script and your response was almost immediately. Thanks a lot. I have four of your books namely Adobe Dreamwaver Traninig from the source, Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS4, Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8 and PHP Solutions 2nd editon.

  2. David Powers says:

    I hope you find it useful, Sunday. Developing a script and writing a tutorial involves quite a bit of work, so please don’t expect this sort of service every time you can’t work out how to adapt a script in one of my books.