My book on Dreamweaver CS5.5 is now available online

My new book, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Studio Techniques: Designing and Developing for Mobile with jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3, is now available as Rough Cuts in the Safari Online Library and Creative Edge. In spite of being published as Rough Cuts, it’s the complete book. The only differerence is that the text and screenshots haven’t been laid out in the way they will be in the final version, which is expected to be published on 10 June.

If you planning to develop sites for multiple platforms, you’ll learn about CSS media queries and how to use the new features in Dreamweaver CS5.5, including setting up a site-wide media queries file. There’s a chapter on making sites available offline, and the download files contain a Dreamweaver extension that automatically builds a manifest file ready for editing. The chapters on jQuery Mobile contain extensive analysis of custom data attributes that control the look and functionality of a jQuery Mobile site.

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis (@stefsull) had a sneak preview of the book. Her verdict: “David’s clarity and ability to explain complex subjects clearly makes this a book not to be missed.”

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  1. Joshua says:

    Sorry to leave an off topic comment but I couldn’t find a contact form or email address.

    I’m just giving you a heads up that the main menu doesn’t work for me in Opera v11.10 on Windows 7. No hover states, not even link text in the status bar, and nothing happens when I click. Everything does seem to be working fine in up to date versions of Safari and Chrome.

    I have spent a few minutes trouble shooting the CSS in Dragonfly (Opera’s equivalent to Firebug) but haven’t spotted anything that might help solve the problem.

    P.S. Thanks for your books. ‘PHP Object Oriented Solutions’ taught me a lot and I’m looking to pick up the latest PHP Solutions book soon.

  2. Kamal says:

    Hello David.
    Finally I am working dreamweaver cs5.5 studio techniques. I downloaded the case study files of the book and when I extract the example files there is an error. Let me know how it goes.

    Thanks again david . I learned alot from your books.

  3. David Powers says:

    Hi Kamal, Try using a different browser to download the files. Apparently, there’s a problem with unzipping the files if you use Internet Explorer to download them. Don’t know why.

  4. Kamal says:

    Hello David.

    I downloaded using firefox and it’s working fine.
    Thanks alot

  5. Dear David,

    I am making a similar website with dreamweaver. I have no idea how to code, but I would like a blog like yours on my site. Is this possible?

    Thanks for any help,

  6. David Powers says:

    It’s a WordPress blog. Visit the WordPress site to learn more.

  7. Pablo O. says:

    Hello David,

    First I am NO EXPERT, nor have any proper knowledge of coding for the creation of websites.
    Second I have been learning on the go, copying, pasting, and figuring out things by myself.
    I have found your site very useful for various subjects, unfortunately there is one in particular that has me going over my head.

    In my best & simple words:
    I have a MenubarHorizontal, if I hover on it, it changes color but if you click on an item (let’s say “CONTACT” it takes you to that page and when you mouse off the button the background color returns to the previous color and DOES NOT stay in the FOCUS color.

    I know that in the CSS style sheet there are the rules for hover and focus… but no matter what changes I apply to them I can’t get the menu item visited to stay on FOCUS, so the site’s visitor knows which page he’s on…..

    So the only solution I could have for now is to write the word of that page on the side (CONTACT) so the visitor could know where he is.

    I hope I explained myself correctly.

    I would appreciate very mucho your help in this matter.

    Thank you.

    Pablo O.

  8. Hey David, a friend gave me a PDF copy of your PHP book and I love it. I have already read it and would love to make a donation to you. Do you have paypal? If you want to delete this comment, I understand. Think it would be good to allow people to send even if they are using free copies of your book!

    Thanks, Otis (and GREAT AMAZING book by the way)

  9. David Powers says:

    Hi Otis, I’m glad you enjoyed my book. even though you received an unauthorized PDF copy. I need to give some thought to the idea of setting up a donation system through PayPal, as it might encourage more people to download illegal copies and just send me a few dollars directly. Depending on the indivdual’s generosity, I might end up with more money than I would get in royalties as a result of the same person buying a legal copy. However, that puts the publisher’s business at risk. And without the publisher having first put its faith in me, the book would probably never have been published.

    If you (or anyone else) has benefited from my books or articles, the best way to repay me is to encourage others to buy one of my books. Another way is to use one of the Amazon links on my site whenever you need to buy something online. Even if you don’t buy the item that I have linked to, I still get a small commission from Amazon for any purchases made as a result of following one of my links (as long as you don’t leave the Amazon site before completing the purchase).

  10. Erik says:

    Hi David,
    I have all your books, first and second editions. I’m a fan.
    I think I may be asking this question in the wrong forum. I’m not sure where
    I should ask this.
    I made all the classes in your PHP OO Solutions book two years ago. Since then
    I’ve upgrade my PHP to version 5.3.5. All error reporting is ON.
    So, I’m now getting a minor error message of the “Strict” type with the Pos_Date
    class. This is it:

    Strict Standards: Declaration of Pos_Date::modify() should be compatible with that of DateTime::modify() in C:\xampp\htdocs\\sites\w-codex\libs\php\classes\Date.php on line 673

    The cause is this code on about line 144:
    public function modify() {
    throw new Exception ( ‘modify() has been disabled.’ );

    If I comment it out, the error message goes away.

    So, do you recommend I just ignore this warning, or will it be a problem in the
    future. Everything still works just great.


  11. David Powers says:

    Hi Erik, I’m sure someone else has brought up this issue before, because I updated the source code for PHP Object Oriented Solutions. Please download the updated set from (the link for the source code is at the bottom of the page).

    Unfortunately, friends of ED became very bad at maintaining the errata pages for my books. The foED website has now been closed and all the material is now hosted on the Apress site (foED became part of Apress in 2003), but I see that none of the corrections have been moved across. It will take me some time to compile the same information, but it seems safer to host corrections on my own site.

  12. Thomas Smith says:


    I am new to PHP/MySQL development (using DW5.5) and used your tutorials ‘Building your first dynamic website’. I definitely recommend this series as well as the lead-up of ‘Creating your first website’ tutorials. They are both clear and logical and helped me tremendously.

    Locally I had DW on one computer and built the site on a second (home networked) after installing XAMPP on it; those instructions worked perfectly.

    But I encountered a problem when I uploaded the files to my live host and then tried to build the MySQL database. They appear to be using an older version of MySQL and their requirements for the DB name (only alphanumeric, no underscores!) and DB user name (6 characters) had limitations contrary to your tutorial. It took several days before I realized the problem.

    Although I could have missed a caution in your tutorial(s), it would have been quite helpful had it been noted to check the host’s requirements first (e.g., build the online database fully before building the site).


  13. David Powers says:

    Hi Tom, Glad you found the tutorials useful. The point that you raise is important, but it’s impossible to cover everything in online tutorials. If I tried to do so, the tutorials would end up as long as my books. 😉 FWIW, my books do advise creating user accounts with the same username(s) and password(s) as assigned by your hosting company or server administrator.

    Building websites is a complex business, and it’s even more complex if you incorporate a database. Be prepared for a long learning curve. I began creating websites about 17 years ago, and I’m still learning new things every day. Don’t let that put you off. It’s a challenge, sometimes a frustrating one, but I think you’ll find it rewarding in the end.

  14. Julio Gomez says:

    Hi David,

    I’m using your Dreamweaver CS5.5 book, especially chapter 7. Is there any way to build the app without the GEO location piece? Also wanted to know what the best way to add more than one notes? I want to do one notes for hobbie a, second for hobbie b and so on in one big app. I tried adding another SQL lite database for hobbie b, but not sure about the variable names like should I name a second title like “title3” in the .js file?



  15. David Powers says:

    Hi Julio, To build the app without the geolocation features, just leave out the getLocation(), locSuccess(), and locFail() functions. You also need to remove the references to longitude and latitude in the database table and in the getTitles() function.

    To add notes for multiple hobbies, the simplest way is to create fields for hobby_a, hobby_b, and hobby_c in your database table. A better way to do it would be to create a database with multiple tables, but to do that you need a good understanding of database design and how to join tables with SQL queries.

  16. Jane says:

    I just found your tutorials!
    I am a beginner at DreamWeaver and found the learning curve almost too much. Im a hand coder, learning CSS, and I probably will buy your DW 5.5 book soon.
    I am so glad a DW classmate put your site link into our classroom message board, you are going to be a great help to us.

  17. Greg McGee says:

    Hi David.
    I’ve been using your tutorials with great results for a while now. Glad to see this latest book on the market. Is there any way to just BUY it outright without having to get into those expensive monthly subscriptions to Safari or the other one? I’m sure their publications are great, but unfortunately they’re greater than my paycheck right now.


  18. David Powers says:

    Yes, the book is available from online and regular bookstores. If you’re having difficulty finding it, there are links to the Amazon USA and UK sites on the book’s description page.

  19. Gemmy says:

    I can’t download the file,
    Please check it is correct.

  20. David Powers says:

    Yes, the zip file is fine. Try using a different browser. For some reason, some people seem to have difficulty downloading it with Internet Explorer, although I have just tested it with both IE 9 and Firefox. The file downloads and unzips without difficulty in both browsers. Let me know if you’re still having problems, and I’ll email the zip file to you.

  21. Gemmy says:

    Dear David,

    Thank you for you reply, I try to use IE8 download the zip file and the zip file can’t uncompress it.
    And I am change to download the zip with Firefox, It’s OK!!

    Thank you very much for your help.

  22. eric lewis says:

    Hi David
    I’ve read your excellent book (and most of your others) and want to set up a lightweight version of a website for use on mobile phones as you suggest (on page 116 I think) with appropriate files and style sheet in a folder such as
    What do think is the best way to detect a mobile phone and direct the user to this folder?
    Apologies for being a bit off topic and if you’ve covered this elsewhere, but I can’t find anything.
    Eric Lewis