Long time, no blog

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything in this blog. I’m definitely not one of the world’s most prolific bloggers—not by any stretch of the imagination.

One reason I’ve been so quiet is because of the pressure of writing The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS, Ajax, and PHP. It’s the longest book I’ve written (730 pages, not including Introduction and Index), and I needed to get it out as soon as possible after the release of Dreamweaver CS3. The book was finally shipped to the printers at the end of June, so it should be available at online booksellers and in bookshops on or around 23 July. I finished the book in record time—seven months from starting the first chapter to finally packing it off to the printers. In spite of the rapid turnaround, it’s been fully tested in the final version of Dreamweaver CS3. I’m also delighted that Tom Muck, the highly respected developer of Dreamweaver extensions and author of several books, agreed to be my technical editor. Between us, I believe we have created a great book. Please go out and buy it by the cartload. 🙂

Another reason for not blogging much is the fact that, when testing Dreamweaver CS3, I have been under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. It’s hard to blog when the things you really want to write about have to be kept under wraps until the software is released.

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9 Responses to Long time, no blog

  1. I was really looking forward to this book and now I know Tom is involved I am looking forward to it even more !
    The spry thing is all a mystery to me at the moment and I am looking forward to your take on it.
    Do you know if Apress are going to release it as an eBook as well as the paper copy.

  2. David says:

    I’m fairly confident that an eBook will be released. All foED books are now being released in both formats. “Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8” was released just before the change in policy, so it took several months before the electronic version made an appearance. This time, the release should be simultaneous.

    As for Spry, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. It’s still very much a work in progress. My book should certainly lift the mystery from how to use it. Whether you will become a fan of Spry is another matter. The book is full of warnings about the danger of relying too heavily on Spry (or any other Ajax framework, for that matter).

  3. Excellent, I find the eBooks invaluable when I am searching for a particular reference or code snippet.

    I have heard that there are “issues” with spry but until I know enough to actually use it I will reserve judgement on whether it is going to be useful to me.


    Dave Buchholz

  4. Andrew says:

    hey David!

    I dont know where to write to you, so I decided to write to you here (but if you can give me an email adress that would be good too).

    So I bought 2 of your books, and now Im reading Php Solutions, which is very good indeed. But I have a problem: now I decided to install php for testing and it seems that it works fine: I could display phpinfo(); and it looked all fine. But there is a problem/question:
    is there any way to run php from flash ? I mean, if I open a flash file, (fla) that uses php with loadVariables, it says cannot open url…but the url is there, and it is in the htdocs folder as it should be. So I dont know, if I made a mistake with installing php or it is impossible to run php from an fla by testing the movie.
    (I have installed php according to your description on your site with the msi installer, and apache 2.2 the same way, I also corrected the config file to display error messages according to your book on 31.page(3rd point))

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if it was not the best place to get in contact with you.


  5. David says:

    The best place to post questions about my books is in the friends of ED forums. That way, a lot of people can see the question and answer.

    To communicate between Flash and PHP, if you’re using ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0, you should use LoadVars. With ActionScript 3.0, it’s completely different. You use URLLoader. If you want to learn in more detail about PHP and Flash, you might be interested in Foundation PHP 5 for Flash. It was written a couple of years ago, so is entirely based on ActionScript 2.0, not 3.0. You can download a sample chapter (PDF: approx 1MB) from the friends of ED site. The sample chapter shows you the basic principles of communicating between Flash and PHP with LoadVars.

  6. Andrew says:

    Hey David,

    thanks I figured the problem out! That was a little mistake, I should have written the url without ‘htdocs’.
    I know loadVars and I use it of course (by the way the 2nd book of yours is exactly the one titled ‘found. php5 for flash’.:))
    Could you give me your mail address, or send it to mine (grizzly33@gmail.com). I promise I wont ask you any question according to php, but I have to tell you something interesting, that has nothing to do with this blog and php at all.

    Thanks anyway, and keep up the good work around php books

  7. adolfo says:

    Hi David
    Thank´s for your help (friendsofed 07-07-07)
    I reinstalled phpMyAdmin, but the program open the window
    What is the sollution?
    Salutes from Spain
    PD: A error in your book: In the section phpMyAdmin installation, you write: Intro this directory, you will found a archive called config.inc.php. Wrong! Doesn´t exists this archive. His name is config.default.php, and we must rename 😉

  8. David says:

    Adolfo, please don’t post follow-up questions here to something that is already being dealt with in the friends of ED forum. I don’t know what problem you are referring to, so I can’t tell you the solution.

    Also, before saying there are errors in my books, please make sure you check the updates and corrections page for the book on the friends of ED site. The book was correct at the time it was written. However, phpMyAdmin changed its installation procedure after the book had left the printers. You do NOT need to rename config.default.php. The correct information is on the friends of ED site – and it has been there for more than a year.

  9. Jouri Verhoeven says:

    Hello David,

    I couldn’t find any email adres so i’m putting my message here :).

    A year ago i baught the book PHP 5 for Flash.
    Now, one year later, i’ve read almost the whole book.

    I want to thank you for all the cool stuff you’ ve learned me,
    and for the hard work to write the book!

    I’m now building a Flash photogallery with a CMS.
    This is going to be AS 3.0, so some sorting out will be needed.
    BUT! When it’s ready, i’m going to show you the result :).

    Cheers, Jouri, Holland