Beginning CSS3: Mastering the Language of Web Design

Book coverLearning how to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an essential skill in modern web development. Starting from first principles, this book explains how CSS transforms the look of web pages through the use of simple style rules. By centralizing the rules in an external file, changes can be made to a whole website in seconds. The early chapters teach you all the basics, starting with the anatomy of a style rule, and how to apply rules to different parts of a page with the most widely used selectors. You'll learn how to style text, embed web fonts, and add borders and backgrounds, as well as common layout techniques.

Although the book assumes no prior knowledge, it's also designed to appeal to existing web designers who want to catch up with what's new in CSS, including responsive web design with media queries, border images, CSS gradients, multiple columns, transforms and transitions, and flex layout.

CSS3—The (Whole) Story So Far

Beginning CSS3 doesn't simply concentrate on what's been added to CSS since CSS2.1. It's a comprehensive guide to what works in browsers today. It covers the whole of CSS2.1, plus the following CSS3 modules:

The approach taken throughout Beginning CSS3 is a mixture of reference and tutorial. As a result, beginners learn by doing. But it's not a book that you'll read once and then toss aside (at least I hope not!) When you need to refresh your memory about the options for a particular CSS property, you can turn back to the reference section of the relevant chapter to find the information you need quickly and easily.

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