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This is the companion website to books and other resources created by David Powers, an acknowledged expert on PHP, HTML, CSS, and other aspects of web development. The name Foundation PHP comes from the titles of two of my earliest and most successful books, but I have also written extensively on Dreamweaver—both in the context of PHP and in more general terms.

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Introducing PHP (revised version)

PHP Solutions, Third Edition

PHP for Web Designers

Beginning CSS3

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Enabling advanced features in phpMyAdmin

A subscriber to was watching my Up and Running with phpMyAdmin course, and was puzzled by the absence of three fields in his version of phpMyAdmin when defining a table. The three fields are Mime types, Browser transformation, and Transformation … Continue reading

Two PHP courses just published on

I’m delighted to announce that has just published two new PHP courses that I created recently. The first one, PHP for Web Designers, serves as a gentle introduction to PHP, and is aimed primarily at web designers who have … Continue reading

Avoiding email header injection

Barely a week goes by without someone asking for help with a PHP mail() script that uses one of the most insecure techniques—inserting unfiltered user input into the headers argument. It exposes your server to email header injection, an exploit … Continue reading

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